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Crystal Valley has an extensive line of bulk and prepackaged fruits and vegetables available 52 weeks a year for your retail locations. Customization is available for everything from traditional retail to big box stores and we are able to pack special blends to satisfy your needs.

Our pre-portioned retail bags come washed, trimmed and/or clipped (when appropriate), and packed in our uniquely designed microwaveable bag. This bag offers an excellent presentation for merchandising, extended shelf life, and the convenience of ready to eat vegetables with no more than 3 minutes of cooking time.

Crystal Valley’s product line for retail outlets includes but is not limited to the following products. These are products from our core line but we have additional items available seasonally as well and customization and private label are available when needed.

Product Bulk Portioned/Retail Packs
Asparagus, Green 11/1lb, 1lb Naked Tips 8oz Bagged Tips, 8oz Microwaveable Bag, 1lb Microwaveable Bag
Asparagus, White 11/1lb
Baby Carrots, Peeled Mixed 6oz, 8oz Microwaveable Bag
Baby Carrots, Peeled Orange 6oz, 8oz Microwaveable Bag
Baby Corn, Shucked and Unshucked 5lb Carton, 2lb Extended Shelf Life Bag 6oz, 8oz Microwaveable Bag
Baby Green Zucchini 5lb Carton, 2lb Extended Shelf Life Bag 6oz, 8oz Microwaveable Bag
Baby Patty Pan Squash 5lb Carton
Baby Sunburst Squash 5lb Carton
Blackberries 6oz, 12oz
Blueberries 6oz, 11oz, Dry Pint, 18oz, 24oz
Brussels Spouts 25lb, 2lb Extended Shelf Life Bag
English Peas 6oz, 8oz Microwaveable Bag
French Beans, Clipped and Unclipped 5lb in Extended Shelf Life Bag 6oz, 8oz, 1lb, 2lb Microwaveable Bag
Fresh Hearts of Palm 1lb
Okra 15lb Carton (1/2 Bushel)
Peppers, Habanero, Orange 8lb
Peppers, Habanero, Red 8lb
Peppers, Mixed Mini Sweet 5lb
Pomegranate Arils 4.4oz
Radicchio 9ct
Snow Peas 10lb Carton, 2lb Extended Shelf Life Bag 6oz, 8oz Microwaveable Bag
Solo Papaya 10ct
Sugar Snap Peas 2lb in Extended Shelf Life Bag, 10lb Carton 6oz, 8oz Microwaveable Bag
Tomatoes, Heirloom  10lb
Tomatoes, Yellow Beefsteak 25lb, Flat