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Specialty Lettuces

Crystal Valley offers a full line of specialty baby lettuces from Peru. Although small, these tender little leaves pack a big flavor! We have everything from assorted packs to green and red oaks, and all of the flavors, textures, colors, shapes, and sizes you will need to complete your gourmet salads.

Lollo Rossa

Lollo Rossa is a red loose leaf lettuce. It has It has crisp, hardy leaves with ruffled tips and a bold, slightly bitter and nutty flavor. To prepare, pull the whole head, wash and dry intact, then chop off the stem and sit it in a salad bowl.

Baby Red Oak

Baby red oak leaf lettuce has the appearance of oak leaves, as its name suggests. It is a tender loose leaf baby lettuce that has a buttery texture and a nutty and sweet flavor, which rarely becomes bitter. Red oak leaf lettuce will add color and texture to your salads and sandwiches.

Baby Green Oak

Baby green oak leaf lettuce is a kind of loose leaf lettuce and has the appearance of oak leaves. It has light green, ruffled leaves and a buttery texture with a nutty, sweet flavor which rarely becomes bitter.

Baby Red Romaine

Baby Red Romaine lettuce has crunchy, spoon-shaped leaves with red fringe. The tender inner leaves have a yellowish rib and surround a sweet, crispy, creamy heart. The flavor is somewhat tart and spicy but refreshing with a whole lot of crunch. The beautiful color and shape makes it a great addition to your salads.

Baby Green Romaine

Baby green romaine is a loose-leaf lettuce. It typically as lime green outer leaves with a creamy yellow color when you get towards the inner leaves. The flavor is very mild and refreshing with a somewhat crunchy, texture.


Frisée is part of the Chicory family and grows naturally as a narrow-leafed head vegetable. Frisée is a highly-prized specialty salad ingredient and preferred when the center of the head has been “blanched”.  It can add a bit of spice to your salads and the whiter frisée has a subtler flavor while greener frisee has a more intense flavor.

Assorted Baby Lettuces

Assorted baby head lettuces are petite and delicate baby lettuces. They are tender yet crisp, buttery and mellow in flavor and have varying taste, texture, color, shape and size. Our assorted baby lettuces can include many varieties, but we typically have blends that include Red and Green Oak, Lollo Rossa, Red Romaine, Green Romaine and Tango to create a variety of color, flavor (mild, bitter, peppery, green), shape, and texture.


Look for lettuces that are bright, crisp, and fresh. Avoid lettuces that are wilted with brown edges.




  • High in vitamin A
  • A good source of folate
  • Fat-free, saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free,
  • Low in sodium and calories


Rinse well and dry before eating. Lettuces of all kinds are great to add flavor, texture, and color to your salads. They can also be used in place of bread for wraps, and added to sandwiches for an extra crunch and nutrient boost.