Our Company

Our Company

Crystal Valley Foods is a leading grower and importer of top quality produce from Mexico, Central America and South America.  We are one of the largest importers and distributors of asparagus in the USA and the largest single importer of specialty vegetables from Guatemala. Our extensive product line also includes baby vegetables, snow peas, sugar snap peas, English peas, French beans, yellow wax beans, berries, peppers, stone fruit, tomatoes, and other specialty crops. With offices and facilities in Miami and Los Angeles and other convenient entry points, we are able to distribute product across the United States and Canada.


Dedicated to delivering the freshest, highest-quality specialty fruits and vegetables, consistently and without compromise.


Crystal Valley Foods was founded in 1994 by Jay Rodriguez, President and CEO. Throughout our early years, we focused on importing and distributing specialty products from Peru and Guatemala and growing our core products, asparagus, French beans, baby vegetables, and snow peas. We were dedicated to developing solid partnerships and invested in land and packing houses in order to ensure consistent, high quality product for our customers. Eventually, we became one of the only vertically integrated specialty importers in the industry.

In 2010, company growth allowed us to relocate from our original location in Miami to our current facility that includes 18 loading and receiving doors, and a new pre-cooler, and new coolers and repack facilities.

As asparagus and other specialty vegetable consumption grew, we decided that we needed another strategically located facility in order to effectively reach our customers from coast to coast. In October 2012, we opened Crystal Valley West, a West Coast distribution facility located in the Los Angeles Wholesale Terminal Market property.

Focused on expansion and diversifying, in 2017 we acquired Team Produce, an established, leading marketer and importer of fresh asparagus, berries, stone fruit and other specialty items from Central and South America. The acquisition further enhanced Crystal Valley’s ability to offer a complete line of premium fresh specialty fruits and vegetables to our customers throughout North America and allowing us to become that one-stop-specialty-shop. It also enabled us to have expanded entry points allowing us to ship through McAllen, San Luis, Los Angeles, South Florida, and the Northeast.

As a pioneer in asparagus and baby vegetable imports, we plan on continued growth and diversification by focusing on innovation and growing new and unique specialty products.  Our first 23+ years are just the first of many decades to come.