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5 May 2018

Crystal Valley Foods Partners with Old South Blueberries LLC to Offer Alabama Grown Berries

MIAMI, FLA. –May 22, 2018 – Crystal Valley Foods (Crystal Valley) has announced that it has partnered with Old South Blueberries, LLC and will begin shipping Alabama-grown blueberries under both the Crystal Valley and Old South Blueberries labels this season. The first shipments will begin at the end of May and they will be available through the end of July. It is the first year the company has partnered with a berry grower in Alabama.

Old South Blueberries, started by Klein Miller and Chris Schulte, began growing blueberries in 2014 and they now have over 60,000 bushes and 7 Rabbiteye varieties.  The farm and packing house is conveniently located in southern Alabama. They expect good volume and quality this season with harvesting starting early due to a warmer than normal January and February in the growing region.

“We are excited about our partnership with Old South Blueberries and we are looking forward to being able to continue offering domestic blueberries as our Florida season winds down,” said Katiana Valdes, Director of Marketing, Crystal Valley Foods. “Old South Blueberries is in their 3rd growing year and the expert staff there along with their facilities, farms, and growing practices have proven to be cutting-edge and top notch. We expect a great season.”

Crystal Valley will continue to ship domestic product throughout the summer until the import season starts again this fall.

Crystal Valley will offer a variety of sizes, including pints and 6-ounce clams of their conventional blueberries. Additional sizes are available upon request.