What's New

6 Jun 2017

Crystal Valley Redesigns Website

Crystal Valley Foods (Crystal Valley), a leading grower and importer of top quality fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico, Central America, and South America, has redesigned its website, www.crystalvalleyfoods.com.

The website was redesigned with Crystal Valley’s foodservice and retail customers in mind, as well as consumers, with more streamlined menus, simplified navigation, and a responsive layout. It also features added information and resources about the company and tips on how to prepare and store the products it markets.

The new look is also meant to showcase the Crystal Valley’s high-quality products and vertical integration with clean and subtle green and blue brushstrokes, a wooden background, and bold and bright images throughout the site.

“As a leader in specialty produce, we want our website to reflect our knowledge and strengths in this category,” said Jay Rodriguez, President of Crystal Valley Foods.  “Everyone looks for information online now-a-days and a company’s online presence is extremely important. We continue to grow and innovate and we are excited to have a website that shows everyone what we are all about. “

The company will continuously be updating the site with new information and products and a recipe section will be coming in the near future. They have also recently started on social media channels including Facebook (facebook.com/crystalvalleyfoods/), Instagram (@crystalvalleyfoods), and LinkedIn where they share news, fun recipes, and tips about their products.